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Kilar - The Frost naga by TheStevieBoy Kilar - The Frost naga :iconthestevieboy:TheStevieBoy 25 6 NAGA adopts OPEN by Oppai-Puddin
Mature content
NAGA adopts OPEN :iconoppai-puddin:Oppai-Puddin 14 14
Raptors from Turok by IsisMasshiro Raptors from Turok :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 770 86 Comish - The Land of Tempests by TwilightSaint Comish - The Land of Tempests :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 560 33 Woofy by MagnaStorm Woofy :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 352 13 Machine Hunters by sandara Machine Hunters :iconsandara:sandara 4,081 142
CloudxReaderxKadaj- A Soldier Or A Monster? Pt 11
"So..this is where you two had run off.."
You yelped and quickly grabbed the sheets to cover your bare body as Yazoo stepped inside. Kadaj however; didn't care about how he appeared.
He glared back at his brother.
"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"he growled. Yazoo titled his head a bit, keeping his glare.
"We're suppose to be looking for mother. Not plunging ourselves eight inches deep in some human flusey."he spat.
"Hey!"you spoke up. Kadaj stood, approaching his brother as his clothes began to form on him once more.
"Do not refer to her like that in my you want me to kill you..?"you growled at his brother. Yazoo narrowed his eyes at his brother then at you.
"I just don't understand why you picked this one.."
"That's none of your business. Your role was to gather those children, not to pester me about what I do on the side."
"I already have."He looked back at his brother. "Me and Loz were doing our job while you were in here fooling around like a teenager."
Yazoo tur
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 23 10
Mature content
CloudxReaderxKadaj- A Soldier Or A Monster? Prt 10 :iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 17 8
CloudxReaderxKadaj- A Soldier Or A Monster? Prt 9
You and Marlene watched as Tifa and Loz faught. It was hard to tell who had the upper hand in the fight but at the end, it seemed Tifa was the winner.
You sighed in relief and smirked as you walked over.
"You know, I could have handled him."you tell her. She smirked as well and placed her hands on her hips.
"I know, but it's been so long since I had to fight. Plus, you just got done dealing with that freak. You should take it easy."she says. You rolled your eyes and looked over at Marlene who was happily running over.
However, a loud sound made you all pause. Loz, who had been sent flying into the ground and buried within a pile of debris, had now pushed it all off as he stood.
The sound was coming from him. No, his phone. He growled as he flipped it open and answered.
The three of you watched, you and Tifa were ready for anything that came next.
"She's not here!"Loz shouted over the phone. "I'm not crying! Yeah I got it!" He looked back at you and Marlene. "Okay, I'll bring the girl..
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 21 13
Dragonair custom plush brooch by Peluchiere Dragonair custom plush brooch :iconpeluchiere:Peluchiere 128 13 Princess Nightmare (Luna) by Essorille Princess Nightmare (Luna) :iconessorille:Essorille 60 20 Riggle 1m Plush - Dragon trainer Tristana LOL by ArtesaniasIris Riggle 1m Plush - Dragon trainer Tristana LOL :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 92 16
CloudxReaderxKadaj-A Soldier or A Monster?Pt.8
"Yay! _______'s back! _______'s back! Cloud is back too!!" One of the orphans that lived with Cloud and Tifa, cheered as she skipped around you happily while Cloud escorted you to your room.
You smiled at Marlene, the orphan girl that cheered. Her brown braid swayed with every movement she made as she skipped. You smiled at her and she quickly hugged you.
"Good to see you again Marlene.."you tell her. The girl looked up at you and beamed.
"I thought we would never see you again! But Cloud brought you back home safely, just like he said he would! He's such a hero!"she exclaimed. You look over at Cloud who was glancing away, before shifting your gaze back to Marlene.
"He sure is. Cloud's a soldier and he rescued me from a monster."you giggle.
"Marlene! Can you come down here and help me with something??"You heard Tifa's voice call from downstairs. She was out when Cloud brought you back and hand't realized your return yet.
"Coming!!"Marlene called back. She nodded you a goodbye and quick
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 20 0
AT - Red Scales by ScissorsRunner AT - Red Scales :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 132 14 Dark Forest - Revealed - Aesthetic Adoptable by Mizuki-Cho Dark Forest - Revealed - Aesthetic Adoptable :iconmizuki-cho:Mizuki-Cho 30 2 [CLOSED] Male Naga Adopt Auction by SamDaLamb [CLOSED] Male Naga Adopt Auction :iconsamdalamb:SamDaLamb 60 22
I am deleting all art of my characters from my gallery due to the increasing cases of art and characters being stolen. From now on i will only be posting craft and shop related stuff. I also ask that any artists i commission art of my characters from respect my wishes and NOT post the art of my characters. 
I am aware the the chances of my characters being stolen is very low, but it is still not a chance i am willing to take. 


XdemonwolfX65's Profile Picture
United States
My ID pic is my fursona Lyla the Saber tooth.

I also have a Furaffinity acount:…
Also important:

A few too many arguments with my boyfriend have prompted me to post the following note:
Please keep in mind that I'm a furry, NOT a furvert. My ref pics aren't wearing clothes only to show their markings and with adopted characters it is because that is how I received them. When I can actually afford it, any and all pics of them and future ref sheets I have commissioned will be wearing clothing.

Gift art is welcome but you must adhere to strict rules.
1) NO nudity or sexual themes/poses/actions
2) All characters MUST be wearing their clothes.
3) Ask me about your particular design first. (What some may not see as being sexual may not be the case for others.)

~Thank you for reading



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